Conexus Facility Management Solutions

Conexus Facility Management Solutions (CFMS)

A well-designed, commissioned and maintained smart building is a good investment. However, smart buildings grow more complex every day, and that complexity adds cost to both the installation of the initial system and the talent necessary to keep the building operating at peak optimization.

Conexus Facility Management Solutions (CFMS) is a suite of services designed to simplify the emergent complexity of smart building technologies into one easy monthly subscription service accessible through the Conexus Community Portal.

Services provided through CFMS extend from basic remote hosting of your system on our Amazon server to complete management of your smart building technology system including the installation and maintenance of your new system.

As a CFMS customer, you receive full-access to Conexus Community which provides:

  • Automated Service Ticket System
  • Live Chat
  • Community Forums
  • Tutorial Videos/Conexus TV

Empower your automation with Conexus Facility Management Solutions

Hosted Services

  • Your system hosted on a secure, updated and reliable cloud-based server
  • Secure VPN and SSL connections
  • Up-to-date security and patch upgrades
  • HTML 5 Graphics interface
  • FIN Stack Framework
  • Niagara Framework

Support Agreements

  • Scheduled visits to keep your system optimized
  • Hardware Calibration, Testing and Tuning

Active Monitoring

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Automated work order ticketing based upon system alarms
  • Energy dashboards
  • 24/7 automated monitoring


  • Dispatching of either your technicians, or subcontracted maintenance services.

Fault Detection/Diagnostics

  • Real time analytics to keep your system optimized, and operating.
  • Leverage technology to “fix” your systems before they break and cause you harmful downtime.

Single Payment Solutions

  • We take care of your entire system-installation, service, support and management.
  • One simple monthly payment covers your new system and the trained Conexus professionals to run your smart building technology system.